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Your ecommerce business needs fresh and crisp copy to tell the story of your wonderful products, incomparable benefits, and amazing customer experiences.


What is ecommerce copywriting for?


product descriptions, product landing pages,

Amazon product descriptions, 

email sequences, web copy (about page, services page, contact page)


“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.”
Shirley Polykoff


Product description copywriting

Bring your products closer to your audience through copy that engages and inspires.

Whether you are aiming for short and precise product descriptions or more elaborate ones that lean more on storytelling, your product descriptions must be in perfect resonance with your brand’s voice. Adding a new sparkle to old product descriptions or creating fresh and crisp ones from scratch are my all-time favorites.

I will polish your product descriptions and have them ready to inspire your customers.

price per project

from EUR 65/h

Amazon Product Descriptions


Do you want to sell your products on Amazon? or are you already there but looking to sell more?

It’s time to get your product descriptions ready for Amazon!


When you are getting ready to sell your products on Amazon, your product descriptions must be adapted so they fit Amazon rules. This is where I step in. I will shape your product descriptions and get them to their ideal length, all ready to publish. 


What do you get?

1 x product title

5 x bullet points

1 x product description 

KW research 

product key features


The product descriptions can be delivered in Word format, Google doc or any other format we agree upon.

price per project/ per hour upon agreement

      Email copywriting


One of the best ways to stay connected to your customers and keep them engaged is email marketing. There are different types of emails you can choose from to connect with your audience.


Welcome email

For the start-up of a new partnership/ thanking people for joining your email list/course/downloading your digital product

1 x welcome email – up to 400 words

from EUR 199



Lead nurturing emails

A highly connected series of emails with a specific purpose and packed with useful information

you can use it to promote products, blog posts, ebooks, promotions 

a sequence of 5 x emails

up to 500 words/email

from EUR 800



Cart Abandonment Email Sequence

A series of follow-up emails sent to customers who have added products to their cart but did not complete the purchase.

a series of 5 x emails – up to 500 words/email

from EUR 1050



Product landing page copywriting

Designed to promote and sell one product. Your customers can “land” on your product landing page through a direct link on social media, newsletter, or a paid ad. The copy on this page is designed to keep your customers engaged by offering them all the information they need on a product and gracefully blending features and benefits.


the length and structure to be agreed upon

between EUR 300-800 according to the content needed

Blog posts

Fresh posts for your furniture, home decor, and interior design blog.

500 words/ blog post

2/3 h writing time – includes research, writing time, and proofreading


What to expect?

Discovery call 

Copywriting brief to fill in and send right back – this will give me all the necessary info to get started

KW research

3 image suggestions

2 rounds of tweaks


from EUR80/h

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