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Your ecommerce copywriter in Czechia

8h translation services

2h proofreading services

Designed for:

  • Ad hoc documentation
  • Occasional guides, brochures, product reviews, catalogs
  • Occasional internal documentation
  • Website updates

14h translation services

 4h proofreading services

Designed for:

  •  Regular publications, website updates, blogs, articles, social media posts
  • Updating product sheets, services, catalogs
Your ecommerce copywriter in Czechia

28h translation services

6h proofreading services

Designed for:

  •  Regular update of offline/online content
  •  Press material, magazines, online news websites
  • Marketing and PR documentation

Please note:

1 hour of translation = 200-250 words (1 page)

1 hour of proofreading = 8-10 pages (250-300 words/page)

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