Tailor-made services
fast-growing eComm businesses

Fresh content
for your target audience

Do you need new sparkling content for your website or blog ? I can help you by creating inspiring product descriptions, captivating articles for your blog or online publication, gripping newsletters and emails.

Content translation

Do you need to translate your marketing and
eComm materials? I can translate your company's brochures, leaflets, newsletters,
product descriptions or company presentations
to reach new target markets and boost your sales.

Copyediting & Proofreading

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes for your eComm content and marketing materials? I am here to copyedit and proofread your website copy, apps, marketing materials, and company documentation.

SEO Translation

More than just a translation of your content. SEO Translation focuses on deep research of relevant keywords for your target market.

Website Localization

More than just a translation of your website. Your online content will be adapted to the language and culture of your target market.

App Localization

Unlocking new opportunities for growth by tailoring your app to the language and culture of your target market.

Italian, Romanian, French, English


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