What is…

You need assistance in identifying the suitable service for your company?  Let us take a look at the difference between translating, editing and proofreading.

What is…


Translating is the process of reproducing a text from one source language to another target language. For example, you might need a translation from Italian (source) to English (target). It is not a word by word translation but a translation that follows the natural and  grammatically correct flow of the target language and is in conformity with the specialization area: politics, communication, business etc.


An edited document has improved flow and quality. The editor takes the freedom to remove entire sentences and rewrite paragraphs to make sure that a smooth and natural reading of the text is achieved. All ambiguities need to be clarified and the content needs to be clear and easy to understand.


A proofread file is the final draft of a document or text after its editing. The proofreader checks all errors such as spelling, punctuation, typos, and watches out for incorrect use of the target language. Proofreading can be done on a Microsoft Word file,  a PDF file or a hard copy using proofreaders marks. The client may choose if the changes are to be implemented in the text or included in document notes.

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