I’m Iustina Ikert.




    I  help your eComm business with

   the translation and copywriting

   of your marketing and

   online materials.


   Product descriptions, newsletters,

   catalogs or presentations…


   I will help your business  stand out

  through inspirational content

   for your target audiences.

  • Translator at heart and by academic training, my full-time freelance language entrepreneurship started in full force in 2017.

  • I am handling translation and localization projects in areas such as eComm & marketing, communication, art&culture, business, software.

  • I write engaging copy for your B2C and B2B eComm business helping you connect with your target audience.

  • Raised and living in a multicultural environment, I consider multilingualism, communication, and marketing skills as being essential abilities in the fast-paced translation industry.

  • Trained to a Masters’s degree in Public Relations and Communication, with a solid background in French and Italian culture and literature

  • I am a strong believer in Continuous Professional Development. I am taking many courses, training sessions, and webinars for translation, localization, marketing, SEO and personal development to bring your business the best results.

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