14 Easy eComm Content Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales

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Every online business aims to build the best eComm content marketing strategy to increase traffic and boost sales. Whether you are selling furniture, cosmetics, services or shoes, your website needs to be informational, attractive through design and content, intuitive and offer the best UX ever.

This is quite a challenge!

Having a carefully built eComm content marketing strategy is essential for keeping up with the eComm market and the constantly higher customer expectations.


 What content can you include

on your

eComm website?


Product tutorials

Help your current and future customers understand the products you are selling by creating product tutorials. Keep it simple and concise. If it’s too lengthy it will not captivate their attention. Show them how the products work and what the benefits are.


Blog posts

Use blog posts to promote the products on your eComm platform. You can write a blog post to:

·       introduce a new product

·       tell the story behind its creation

·       detail the benefits and the problem your product solves

·       tell the world about the outstanding and unique features of your products

·       explain how to better use your products


Product review

Savvy shoppers really love product reviews. They check the pros and cons, the photos and videos and then they decide whether to buy or not. Make sure you include product reviews on your product pages. If your eComm platform allows it, enable for your customers the option to include photos and videos of the products they purchased along with the product reviews. This will increase sharing of the product review on social media and therefore will increase the visibility of your product and brand.



Use infographics to captivate your audience. They include relevant information on your company, products and services accompanied by relevant graphics to sustain the information. This can greatly support your brand awareness, attract new customers and increase conversion.

What type on data can you include in an infographic?

·       Company culture

·       Surveys

·       Existing online content

·       In-house data

·       Upcoming events and launches

·       Industry events

·       Relevant statistics


Social media posts

Integrate your customer content from across social media into your online selling platform to create a clearer and more complete customer experience. Photos, posts, short or long reviews, you name it! Include them on your product pages to enhance visibility and increase your conversion rate.


Product and category description

Give special attention to your product and category descriptions. Make sure all products are in the right categories and sub-categories to create an awesome user experience. Be sure that the product descriptions include the right elements, both descriptive and visual ones.


Brand pages

You can easily create a company page on most social media platforms existing out there. This is an opportunity for your business to promote your values, mission, Ts&Cs but even more: connect with your audiences through the relevant content you are posting.



If your product descriptions include highly technical features it might be useful to create an online glossary explaining the terms and features used on the website. This will help your customers gain clarity on your products and enhance their shopping experience.


Buyer’s guides

Help your customers make informed purchases and create a buyer’s guide to detail certain functionalities of your products, let your customers know what to check on a product description in order to make the best choice for their needs.

Tips and hacks

Offer your customers a Tips & Hacks section where they can discover new ideas on how to better use your products. It’s a good opportunity for your business to promote your products, their unique features and the multiple ways they can help your customers.


Photographs and images

Your product pages must include at least a couple of photos or images of each product you are selling. We all like products that have several clear and self-explanatory photos on the website. They give us a quick idea on the product, its features and how to use it and adapt it to our needs. Aim for high-quality and high-resolution photos enhanced with a zooming tool and thumbnails to navigate photos.



Include videos on your website to enhance the benefits, features and usability of your products. Explain what they bring new, how it can help your customers and how to use the product. If you can include video reviews of happy customers, even better. We all love a clear and comprehensive video on a product we are interested in.



You have a new amazing product that has multiple features and usability options?

 Why not explain all of it in an amazing webinar that introduces your product and its features to your customers?

Interact with your audience and show them what your product can do for them and how to use it to fully reap the benefits.



A webcast is a powerful streaming tool that can be used both internally and externally. It works wonders for company announcements, annual company meetings, large company events that require connecting people from different locations and receiving information from one single source.  Use it to send the right message or information across your organization for announcement or alignment purposes. Externally, it can be successfully used on your eComm platform to touch topics like latest trends in your industry, latest product features and new releases.


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