We must reveal a secret…


Crafting engaging ecommerce copy can be daunting and time-consuming (which product features should you focus on? what benefits should come first? what story can you connect to your product? how to keep your brand’s voice consistent? ).  All these questions – *and I’m pretty sure you have more*- shouldn’t hold you back from having the ecommerce copy you dream of.



We both know the cruel truth: putting together two product photos and three product features will not do your landing pages and products any justice.



Your products need more.

Your products deserve more.



They need enticing product descriptions that showcase their amazing benefits, engaging product landing pages that turn your visitors into buyers, and captivating newsletters that inspire your subscribers to add another one of your products to their shopping list.



Your products deserve all this “word magic” and I am here to infuse a healthy dose of creativity into your copy, twist-and-turn it till it creates that unique vibe propelling your products right into the spotlight.


Iustina Ikert

CEO & Senior Creative Copywriter

(for all things copywriting, copyediting, translation & strategy)


Ernst Ikert

Managing Director

(for all things contracts, invoicing, 

operations & performance)


Yes, it's a family business 🌟

Getting to know
your copywriter better...

Translator and copywriter at heart and by academic training, my full-time freelance language entrepreneurship started in full force in 2017. Up to that point, it was a productive side hustle waiting to become a full-time job.

I am now the founder and copywriter behind
In Between the Lines, Copywriting Studio.
I create copy for B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses, marketing agencies and departments, SaaS companies, and professional blogs helping them with their copywriting, translation, proofreading, and copyediting, and love every bit of it.

Adding a new sparkle to product landing pages or creating fresh
product descriptions and newsletters are my favorites.
I dedicate a big part of my work to translating and proofreading
online content for businesses just like yours.

I believe that great content comes
from within as a direct expression of
our experiences, passion and hard
work. Like every art work, great
content inspires, nourishes our souls
and minds and transforms us through
beautifully crafted words.
It’s a leading force to action.

Raised and living in a multicultural environment, I consider multilingualism, communication, and marketing skills as being essential abilities in the fast-paced copywriting and translation industries.

Trained to a Masters’s degree in Public Relations and Communication,  a BA in Italian Language and Literature, and an IB in French language and literature.

I am a strong believer in Continuous Professional Development. I am taking many courses, training sessions, and webinars for translation, localization, marketing, SEO and personal development to bring your business the best results.

What to expect while working together?

Shortly after you Book an online consultation or you get in touch via email, we will jump on a Quick call (15 mins) or a Discovery Call (30 mins) to get to know each other better and see how we can help your business with your ecommerce copy.


After our call I will send you a few key documents (Copywriting Brief/ Translation Brief) that I will kindly ask you to fill in and send them right back. They will give me all the information I need to start “the word magic” on your copy.


After having all this precious information, you can expect to receive an accurate estimate and clear delivery times for your project. As soon as we agree on these aspects, we are good to go!


I appreciate the perfect collaboration and reliability. [...]. Thank you for great 2-years cooperation. I can recommend.
Lucie Frýbortová
Social Media Manager, L'Oréal

Very professional and great services!

Lucie Kimlova
Ebusiness Project Manager, Scan-Trader Aps




I like to keep my clients in the loop of the creative process. I use Trello to keep every step of the project in check and share with you all the details of our work together. You will get access details to your project’s Trello board where you can see where I am at with crafting the copy but also you will be able to add notes, comments, and any other extra information we might be needing.


When the copy is *steaming hot* and ready to deliver you will receive an email to check the results. Don’t worry if you feel like changing a few things here and there. You get 2 rounds of edits on the house so we can adjust the copy to match exactly your dream ecommerce copy.

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