For ecommerce, marketing, words, languages, and communication. We strongly believe that great content comes from within as a direct expression of our experiences, passion, and hard work. Like every artwork, great content inspires, nourishes our souls and minds, and transforms us through beautifully crafted words. It’s a leading force to action.





We are committed to our clients, their projects & vision to ensure you receive the copy & content your need so that your business and creative teams can create easier, communicate smoother, and grow swifter. We are also committed to our team and mission, continuously working on improving our services, products, and processes.





There’s nothing worse than not knowing what stage your project is in. That’s not us! You’ll always be in the loop. We’ll keep you updated at every stage of our collaboration and we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions. This way, you stay involved in the process and are reassured your project is in good hands!





One of the leading forces of all our collaborations is respect for our customers, their vision, time, and expectations. We dedicate valuable time to getting to know your business, brand, and vision so that we can offer you optimal results. We always respect deadlines. In case of any unplanned delays, you will always be informed.





We aim at continuously improving our services and products, our processes and approaches, and always finding the best way to deliver your dream results. Our passion and expertise work together to create copy that brings your products and services into the market spotlight.

I’ve always thought of words as art supplies.

Douglas Coupland


In Between the Lines Copy & Content Studio was founded in late 2018. Our passion for creativity and ecommerce fueled its transformation and the Studio gradually evolved from mainly focusing on multilingual translation and copyediting for online businesses to an Expert Copywriting, Copyediting, and content creation Studio for ecommerce businesses and SaaS companies.



The complete transition was gradual, and by early 2021, ecommerce copywriting, copyediting, and marketing translation created a beautifully balanced daily workload for our studio. Full of creative work, learning opportunities, and challenges, this journey was – and continues to be:) – quite a ride! 



The Studio was founded with two main goals in mind:



  • providing support to ecommerce businesses and SaaS companies with their copy & content needs, and
  • eliminating any copy/content blockers they might encounter

so that your business and creative team can create easier, communicate smoother, and grow swifter.



Our passion for ecommerce & SaaS copy comes to light through the copy created for each and every one of our clients and their new and ongoing projects.




Here is what they say about us 

It was a pleasure to work with Iustina, the translations were perfect and always on time.

Andrea Weiková
Global Social Media Manager, Notino
I am very happy with Iustina's services, she is extremely prompt with responses and her work is neat and concise. Thank you for being a reliable member of our team!
Zlata Žahourková
Client Success Manager at Dream.jobs


What blockers could your

 ecommerce business or  SaaS company 

run into?

Managing volume

 Updates, amendments, urgent product amendments, product launches, product catalog and product description updates, product landing pages, amendments on labels, delivery, newsletters, and many other areas in your ecommerce & SaaS business require immediate and constant attention. Managing your volume is sometimes challenging and you need all hands on deck! This is where external copywriting can be specifically beneficial and support your copy/content needs.



 Struggling for consistency throughout copy (overall consistency/ internal, external communication/product descriptions/ brand message) is a real concern for many ecommerce businesses and SaaS companies. Your creative team needs to be aligned in all copy/content, brand style & message. There are fabulous solutions for you to ensure you reach the copy/content consistency you are looking for. Show me these fabulous solutions !



Time constraint

We know ecommerce and SaaS are powerful and fast-paced environments and seldom there is not enough time to tackle all the updates, and amendments and have all-hands on a product launch. External copywriting is here to take the time pressure off your team so that your copy is always fresh-out-of-the-oven and ready to delight.



Budget restraint

New full-time additions to your creative team come with increased hiring cost. You can now wave all those concerns as a collaboration for copywriting services comes with no extra employee cost for your company. You pay for the services you receive!



Team availability 

Unplanned time off, sick days, and holidays within the creative team are valid concerns throughout the year and especially during the launch season. This is why it’s good to have your copywriting collaboration options clearly set out and ready to go. This way your team is always covered.


You might be wondering now: does this really work? YES! It certainly does.



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