5 Common Mistakes
Avoid in Ecommerce Copywriting

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When you are just getting started to write your ecommerce content you quickly realize that there’s so much to cover, so many things you want to say, so many products you want to get out there on the market for your customers and so many features you want them to know about. Sure, you’re geared up with your marketing and content strategy and your editorial calendar but even so, with all this going on, writing inspiring and effective copy can be a challenge and it’s so easy to let a few mistakes just slip by because, well, it was all in a rush and there was so much to cover.



Luckily, there are ways to avoid this. I’m going to go through the five most common ecommerce copywriting mistakes that I see around all the time and that you can easily avoid so you create more inspired, clear, and efficient online content.



So, what are these five mistakes that you can be on the watch out for?



Lack of enthusiasm


Have you ever bought something online and received a beautifully packaged product that immediately made you realize that it was created and packaged with love and care? I certainly have. And I must say, it always made me feel amazing.

I strongly believe that the enthusiasm and passion you pour into your creative process transpire through the final product you are offering to your audience. As a customer, you can easily tell when a product/service is designed and brought to life with enthusiasm as a driving force when the attention to detail, the quality of the product, and the care in delivery combine in a beautiful customer experience.


“When you are having fun and creating something you love, it shows in the products […]. I believe you can actually transfer that energy to material things as you’re creating them”, Tom Ford


After all the years I spent in customer service, I know how important feedback is to all companies out there and I always try to send reviews after my purchases as a way to support them, especially when I see products or services that exult passion in their design and delivery.



 Forgetting to proofread


There’s this quote about proofreading that I often hear:


“I do my best proofreading after I hit the send button”.


And while this is funny indeed, forgetting to proofread your copy before putting it in front of your audience could cost you dearly. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had new clients reach out and ask for proofreading services for their online content, whether it’s blog posts, product descriptions, or newsletters. So many tiny proofreading mistakes can cost your business so much. 

It’s definitely something you should put high on your to-do list every time you and your team prepare online content. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can be extremely helpful just to make sure you didn’t miss any typos. You can easily reach out to a proofreader to help you out. And no, it doesn’t cost a fortune as many ecommerce businesses might think.



Writing large blocks of text

Give special attention to how you build your paragraphs. Big blocks of text with sentences that are too long and complicated can have a negative impact on the overall readability of your content. The same thing is valid for the overuse of short sentences one after another. More than a couple just look strange. So, it’s good to be mindful of that.

Avoiding large blocks of text is recommended to ease the reader’s experience. The bigger the block of text the higher the effort to read it. Keep it short, simple, and powerful. Just enough information to get your message through so your audience can digest the content quickly and effectively.



Adjective overuse

There’s nothing more tiring in a copy than cluttering it with two or more adjectives per each noun you use. To avoid this visual clutter, rather go for one adjective that is more powerful, like a sensory adjective. Too many adjectives will only slow down your audience while reading and they might quickly navigate away from your content towards something more “palatable”, let’s say.

Just to give you an example, instead of saying:



“Our built-to-last sofas are made of tear-proof materials in eye-catching colours”


you might try something that is easier for your readers:



 “Our robust sofas are made of resistant materials in vibrant colors”.


Just keep it clear and simple and don’t clutter the copy just to create a sense of sophistication.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Leonardo da Vinci.

After all, the best performing copy is a clear copy.



Copy/paste of supplier features


You are absolutely right. 

The physical features of your products – sizes, colors, weight, product care – are all very important for your customers, and, yes, you must include them on your product landing page. Giving your audience all the right information about the product they want is essential to complete the buyer’s journey. 

What you must know though is that these physical product features serve as a base for your product descriptions. They are your must-have ingredients for a successful product description recipe if you want to see it like this. Use all the information you have at hand and transform it into amazing benefits for your audience. Benefits they cannot ignore, that they need and look for in a product like yours.



And now that we went through the five most common ecommerce copywriting mistakes, I trust you’re feeling inspired to create outstanding online content and inspiring product descriptions that will reveal to your customers just how amazing your products are.



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