5 Must-have Product Content Categories to Boost Your Conversion Rate Here

 You might think that your customers’ main purchase criteria are price and delivery (best price on the market and quickest delivery). Those count too. But they are secondary influencing factors as the decision process in your customer’s journey begins with the product content itself.


Imagine this!

You want to buy a new dishwasher. You find the best price offer on the market and you click with confidence on your dream dishwasher photo hoping to be swept away by its awesome features and benefits. You find something like this:

Dishwasher [brand name, model], energy rating A+++

Photo [one static picture]

Height 550 mm, width 800 mm, depth 500 mm

8 programs, 4 temperatures


The disappointment pops in your eyes in a matter of seconds.

 You were so excited about your amazing find.

Instead, you discover basic technical information without a self-explanatory visual or video. An incomplete product description that makes you flee the website as fast as blinking and continue the search for your dream appliance.

Let’s see what you – e-shop owner, marketer, content creator – could include on the product pages to make them instantly sparkly and fizzy for your customers.




Do include photos of your products!

 More than one.

And I mean high-resolution, high-quality photos. Avoid blurry, unclear photos that do not compliment your products. Include a zooming tool and a 360˚ image that allows the customer to properly visualize the item.



As you saw in the example above, a short product description might leave your customers unsatisfied and craving for more details, features and benefits. You don’t need to write novels. It needs to be well-structured to offer the exact information your customers are looking for.

You can follow simple structures like describing

 Features-Advantages-Benefits (SmartWash Dishwasher, 360 ˚ Power spray that allows remote control of your washing programs and loading)


Problem-Discomforting Factor-Solution (Tired of constantly cleaning your dishwasher’s filter? A new self-cleaning dishwasher will ease your maintenance time. Find out here which one better suits your needs.)

Either one is an eye catcher as they show features your customer might be looking for or identify a pain point.



According to the latest Wyzovl Study,  State of Video Marketing 2019, 87% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool. According to the study, the video usage registered a solid increase compared to previous years, 83% of marketers considering it gives them an awesome ROI.

The State of Video Marketing 2019, https://www.wyzowl.com/video-marketing-statistics-2019/

Without doubt, it perfectly completes a product description and can be the deciding buying factor for your customer. You can find out here what to focus on on your product description videos.



We all look for reviews before making a decision to buy.

We want to hear what others think about the product and see how it looks like in real photos.

Include customers reviews on your product pages to add weight to your product advantages and benefits. If your eComm platform allows it, enable your customers to include photos and videos along with their written review. This will add a great value to your customers’ decision process.


Product comparison is a great way to give a helping hand to your customer on his buying journey.

Include it on product pages and highlight the features, advantages and benefits of two, three products from the same category. This way, the customer can easily choose the product that suits him best.


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