We’ve all been there. We have all seen the dark side of busy and fruitful working days.


We know that just as some engaging days flow perfectly towards a beautifully balanced outcome, other days or maybe even months, things just don’t bind together: work is less, clients are less agreeable and money is scarce.


For those times, when things get tough for us freelancers we need to be ready!


If you are among the very lucky ones that knew only a growing path without any stumbles, well, let me know what your secret is. However, for those who have experienced slow workflow from time to time, let’s see how we can avoid falling in the negativity pit and prevail even stronger and more motivated.


Work, work, work, and more WORK!


Focus on your online presence

Having a website for your business and services is mandatory. It’s sometimes difficult to find time to work on our online presence. Use this workflow downtime to add another tab on your services, projects, and qualifications. Brush up your CV and public profiles. This way you will be up to date and ready for all the new clients to come.



Blogging is a great way to write about subjects that are in your specialization area, to share knowledge and to deepen research in areas of interest. If blogging appeals to you and you have not tried it yet, give it a chance! You can find a lot of articles and posts online introducing you to blogging and offering support. If you have already touched ground with blogging, you can use the spare time you have to add another awesome article to your collection or make a list of articles you might like to write in the future.


Update your portfolio

Did you work on new projects and didn’t update your portfolio? Now you have the time to catch up on that and get this info updated on your website. Current and future clients like to see what you are working on and it adds a neat transparency touch to your online presence. Show off what you can do, a little bragging will not be harmful to your image.


Contact  possible prospects

There is never enough time to prospect for new clients. Get out there! Let them know what you have to offer and how you can support their road to success. Contact them by email, in-mail, send brochures or use the existing connections you have to make new ones. There’s nothing like a good recommendation from a client or coworker!


Keep in touch with your ongoing clients

Even if certain clients require your services only now and then remember that every client is precious. Big or small, they all bring something new on the table and offer unique opportunities for growth. Treasure them and keep in touch with them even if the volume is low. Keeping them up to date with a new service you might have, a new skill you might have acquired or any discounted services you might be offering are always a good way to let them know you are still there to support their business.


Keep up with your reading

For relaxation or learning purposes, reading enriches us on countless levels. Do you have a few hours off, here and there? You might want to sit down with a book and enjoy. It can be something related to your professional growth or something completely different. Consider it as an amazing training session for the mind and soul. It can offer comfort, purpose, knowledge, and amusement. Enjoy!


Attend a conference or a training session

Taking part in professional training sessions, webinars, conferences related to your specialization area is a must if you want to stay informed and connected to the newest changes and challenges in your domain and the ones of your clients. Needless to say that conferences related to your clients’ business profile are the perfect source of reaching new clients and enriching your knowledge in that area. Do your research and plan a few conferences throughout the year. 


Socialize, network

Did you miss too many networking events and socializing opportunities due to extremely busy months? Now is your chance to catch up with friends and connections and attend informal or business meetings. There are always new people to meet and you never know where you might encounter your next long-lasting client. So don’t sit alone and contemplate the stillness of your workflow but go out there and make connections.



Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important investments in yourself. You like to jog and you were too tired working late nights until now? Now it’s your chance. Put on those joggers and get back in shape. Do you yoga or work out regularly? You could easily intensify your physical activity and perfect the shape you have wanted to reach. It’s more difficult to get started but once you did, you’ll surely see its benefits. Go, go, go!


Stay motivated

Keep reminding yourself of the reasons you are running your business in the first place and keep those thoughts as an ever-guiding motivational tool. Staying positive will take you a long way.


Whether we’re facing only a slow couple of days or several months we all have some habits that keep us motivated and grounded. What methods do you use to get the best out of a slow working month? 


Out of passion for words and languages... You can find me translating, proofreading or copywriting marketing and communication materials for different sectors in English, French, Italian and Romanian. When not in front of my computer I am certainly following my passion for good books or my affinity for painting.

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