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Optimize your product description copywriting process using mind mapping  

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Do you know the feeling when you have so much to say about your new products but you have no idea how you’re going to structure all of it? How are you going to wrap everything up in an inspiring, attractive structure that will turn your scrollers into buyers? Are they going to see how amazing your products are just by going through your landing page? All these questions, *ooommmg, are so overwhelming.

Luckily there are ways to structure all the features, benefits, and goals and gain clarity on your ecommerce copy. It’s not complicated at all and all it requires is investing some time in building a template that you can then work with every time you feel overwhelmed by writing product descriptions *spoiler alert: free template attached.

In this post I’ll talk about what mind mapping is, why is it important in your creative process, how to get started with mind mapping and apply it to product descriptions. I’ll also go through a few intuitive mind mapping tools that will allow you to get started with your own mind maps in no time. Because I know time is precious when you’re running a business, I’ve prepared a fresh and crisp mind mapping template, available for you to download and customize as your ecomm heart pleases.  Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s dive in.



What is mind mapping?

The concept of mind mapping was first introduced in the 1970s by the British author Tony Buzan, defining it as a 2D note-taking strategy that stimulates concentration, memorizing and learning.  You can find many definitions on mind mapping but the main thing to remember is that mind mapping is a graphic representation of concepts and ideas. It allows you to better visualize your thoughts and goals, increasing your presentation and communication efficiency. It adds clarity and simplifies your creative process or your project management. It’s a highly effective way to simplify tasks, make information digestible, manage processes and outline goals which makes it a perfect tool for working in teams and process alignment. It’s often used in team meetings and presentations to simplify procedures and processes and make sure everybody is on the same page with a certain topic.



Why is it important to your creative process?

Mind mapping is extremely efficient in helping you identify the core concept, its ramifications and ways you can approach a certain topic, concept, project. It helps you create new pathways and enhances your problem-solving skills. It’s like a brain blooming technique if you want. And a beautiful one, as well. The balanced blend of colors and design creates a map you can easily remember and talk about, enhancing your thinking and communication flow. It can be particularly efficient in understanding tasks and goals and the connection between these and the key concept. A bucketload of benefits that makes you get right on your first mind map, doesn’t it?



How to get started with mind mapping?

You’re going to be amazed about how this creative and logical way of taking notes will help your brain remember and reconstruct concepts and processes. To start with mind mapping you need to find the main idea, the central concept. The main themes will be connected to this central idea like the branches of a tree and they consist of key images, words, concepts directly related to your central idea. Each of these main themes can, on their turn, have smaller concepts, themes, or topics. They all form a very well-connected structure that visually embeds in your brain as you create it.

Using words, images, colors, and logic all the elements of a complex concept can be broken down in a unique and efficient manner enabling your brain to learn and expand on that information. This powerful technique can be applied to every aspect of your life, anything really. Anything that needs further vision, planning, management.



Using mind mapping to create inspiring product descriptions

Now, I mentioned just before that you can use mind mapping for pretty much everything involving, planning, management, processes. Therefore, let’s take a look how you can apply mind mapping to your product description copywriting. Writing product descriptions can be daunting, especially when you have hundreds, thousands of products that have unique features and benefits. You need a system, a technique that allows you to quickly brainstorm and identify the main areas that you need to focus on when writing product descriptions.

Here are a few themes to focus on: benefits, features, audience, goal compatibility, purpose, key words/adjectives describing the product. Each theme can expand on its turn to other sub-themes. You can build your mind map as wide as you need to and brainstorm as many ideas as you want. In no time, you’ll have a mind-blowing mind map in from of you and you’ll have all the necessary foundation to start writing your product descriptions.



Intuitive mind-mapping tools and a free ready-to-use template to get you started

Curious to see how mind mapping looks like? Let me show you a template I’ve created for you.






And to make things even easier, you can quickly access this template to create your first product description mind map. Just customize the template according to your business’s needs and you’re ready to go. Get your template here.

There are a lot of tools and apps that can help you get started with mind mapping and here are just a few I found very helpful and user-friendly.

If you want an easy-to-use yet complex tool to plan and manage your ideas, concepts, and projects then you’re looking for ClickUp. It allows you to map workflows, create and arrange tasks into logical paths, rearrange branches of your mind map by simple drag and drop and share your content with team members or collaborators. It’s a very intuitive, effective, and user-friendly tool that you should definitely try out if you’re looking for a comprehensive mind mapping tool.

Stunning presentations, dynamic slideshows, gorgeous colors, and easy-to-share maps all combine in a highly efficient tool, MindMeister. It allows you to export your presentation as PNGs and embed your mind map on your website or broadcast it live to any team member/collaborator. Through its MeisterTask it allows you to quickly create tasks and start working on them. It’s available in a free Basic plan so you can try it out and see if its functionalities suit you.

Brainstorm, plan and let your creativity flow with the amazing functionalities of Coogle, an efficient online mind mapping tool. It allows you to easily create diagrams and share them with your team and changes appear instantly for your collaborators. You can create branches and loops and connect them as well as several central nodes. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool to get started with mind mapping.


Now that you know what mind mapping is, why it is important and how you can apply it to your product description copywriting all you have to do is try out one of these amazing online tools and get started.

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