The benefits of having your company’s content in multiple languages are many. We will focus here on the top ones just to outline the most important reasons of going multilingual with your content. Before revealing them though, it is crucial to make the difference between the language services available on the market. So let’s see what the differences between these services are, what are they used for and discover the top reasons to GO Multilingual with your content.

Take a look at the image below and discover what each service is designed for. Click the hotspot!

What are the benefits of going multilingual?

Reach your target audience. 

Make your brand visible, accessible and in tune with your target audience

Optimized content for the target market.

Using the native language of your target market you will have a localized SEO of your content

Brand power!

Having your culture, values, and message in the target language strengthens your brand and gives it undisputable weight

Build trust among customers

Your multilingual content will be proof of your global orientation thus, inspiring trust among customers

A good understanding of your target country is one of the most important parts of going global. Transcreation requires knowledge of the target market and audience and a whole bunch of creativity. Transcreators know that working on localizing a brand slogan, for example, takes quite a bit of time and a lot of market sensitivity. The challenges are big and simple document translation services cannot apply. Therefore, having a native level transcreator and/or copywriter is the best choice for those interested in going multilingual with their content. Each language has its own dynamics, its own jokes, and puns that are sometimes a challenge to translate into another language.

There is another factor that you must take into account when preparing for global marketing campaign:

cultural diversity.

Understanding other cultures is of utmost importance while traveling to a foreign country or seeking to expand your business and address a foreign market. Expedia published not so long ago an extremely interesting intercultural guide, Etiquette around the world, which not only makes a captivating reading but is packed with useful tips, dos and don’ts while travelling. The guide covers 18 of the most visited countries across five continents being designed for both personal and business travelers. Try it! I can guarantee you will not stop clicking through!

Going global and localizing your content in the target languages is most certainly a challenge. This is where cross-market copywriting comes in and supports you all the way!

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Iustina can be found translating, proofreading and copywriting in Italian, French, Romanian and English. She has a passion for linguistics, language awareness , and
writing. She offers support to marketing and communication agencies, businesses, publishing houses and more. When not in front of her computer, Iustina is reading or following her affinity for painting.
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